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"Elin" Accounts Elle 2008 - 2017
(SE U(U)CH Winterbourne Trail Blazer x Accounts Isabella)

Elin who thought she was a Border Collie... Our beloved little Elin died suddenly in August. Sleep well little "twitter"...

"Eddie" Grand Edition Della Giuliana 2007 - 2017
(Hook Della Giuliana x Elvira Della Giuliana)

Eddie was a very nice and kind dog with incredible work capacity. Hopefully Eddie can add the breed something through his offspring. Obviously there is a sentimental vein in me to also see dear old Edith's (Rowntree Grace'n Glory) look in his eyes, she is his grandfather's sister!

"Viggo" C.I.E LUXCH SEU(U)CH Lelica's Ticket To Ride 2004 - 2016
SE U(U)CH Melverly Mystery Maker x NO UCH SE U(U)CH Lelica's Love Me Do)

Viggo lived at kennel Negro in Germany and passed away at his home, in November 2016
View Viggo's offspring here!

"Fanny" SE U(U)CH NO UCH NO V-10 Periwinkle's Bronze Mannikin 2001 - 2015
Raywey's Make It Me x SE U(U)CH Periwinkle's Gilda)

About Fanny, my heart dog, is so much good to say. An angel came the day before everything in my life was turned upside down. Never has a dog walked into my heart so complete as she did. Amiable, by kind and with great integrity, she was the start of my field breeding and a savior. My once in a lifetime dog... The loss is indescribable!

"Elsa" Accounts Isabella 2005 - 2013
(Winterborne Weeping Willow x SE U(U)CH Periwinkle's Bronze Mannikin)


Elsa came from our very first field litter and was herself the mother of two litters. I often felt that Elsa was like a little elf, sheer, a bit secretive and very "fieldy". We loved you really little woman and we will miss you here at our feet. Our beloved Elsa passed away peacefully, a beautiful summer day.

"Edith" Rowntree Grace N´Glory 1993 - 2006
(INTUCH SUCH SV-92 Rowntree Magic Touch x Hammersmith's Living Legend)

Our beautiful and so kind Edith who became the kennels second foundation bitch, who cast themselves trapped in mom's heart. She has over 13 years constantly been by my side. Mother to our E- G- and H-litters and were such an important part of the breeding program. We are very pleased with the three litters that she has left and that has given puppies of high quality exterior, combined with the very willingness to work. Edith has always positioned itself well at shows with a total of 11 CK. Healthy, hearty, begging and living happy. Until the last days of life, she accompanied on the forest walk. On October 24, it was time to say goodbye. The loss is indescribable. Sleep well Diddus!

"Agathon" Maxfields Agathon 2003 - 2004
(Sandvika Senator x Maxfield Frosty Morning)

Field puppy Maxfields Agathon
was tragically killed in an accident!
You were a wonderful dog!
We miss you!
Breeder: Madeleine Ryberg


"Nina" Rowntree Orginate Spring 1989 - 2000
(Rowntree Jet Commander x Rowntree In New Design)

Nina was our first springer!
She was mentally incredibly stable, happy life and a very big personality and her foundation was laid for kennel Accounts by three large and viable litters.

In Vasa Park in central Stockholm, she went under the name "Vasa Park's Queen ". In the large dog pack, which we took our morning walks, she played and was the undisputed leader bitch, even though she was only a small spaniel. Fair, friendly and never, ever in a fight, for a special 'look' was enough.
At the end, she was a senior and vital lady, who handed over the leadership to the new generations, lowered the tempo and became more interested in walking with dad in town and forest. But happy, when she met one of the old dog friends!

We are grateful that she did lay the foundation of breeding work with us, because she was a springer out of the better variety. She had CK at shows, passed aptitude test in tracking and two 1st prize in class 1 at obedience. So loved and missed!