English Springer Spaniel puppies born in March!
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Want a breeder that you can turn to when you have questions and concerns, both before and after your puppy purchase? Then you can confidently turn to us! Since the kennels start in 1991, we always put our buyers in the center!

For you to get a good dog we are looking for suitable breeding material around the world. All our breeding dogs are healthy, x-rayed and eye tested. Our springers are also free from fucosidosis gene (not present in field and cocker). Of course we follow the Swedish Kennel Club's guidelines and rules!

Our puppies are born in our home environment and may leave us no earlier than 8 weeks of age. We only have a few litters a year so you are guaranteed all the support you need.

When the puppy is delivered it is:
* Periodically wormed
* Registered in the Swedish Kennel Club
* ID-marked with microchip
* Veterinary inspected
* Vaccinated
* Equipped with SKK purchase agreement
* Litter insured against hidden defects

With the puppy follows:
* Puppy brochure with information on puppy care & feeding
* Puppy package with the feed the puppy is bred on
* 1-year membership in the breed club
* Free grooming for the first year


English Springer Spaniel, 13th of January 2019 LOOK HERE

Field Spaniel, 28th of May 2018 LOOK HERE 

English Cocker Spaniel, 2nd of May 2017 LOOK HERE 

English Cocker Spaniel, 16th of August 2016 LOOK HERE 

English Springer Spaniel, 25th of July 2016 LOOK HERE

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